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Welcome to APTX Universe!


  • APTX will deliver a retail POS solution with tap and pay hardware thanks to our relationship with GO Daddy Poynt.

  • APTX will deliver a complete eCommerce solution best in class with B2C, B2B, Sales Rep, and Third Party Approval (3PA) technology. You can create your own unique website using APTX Web and sell to consumers and wholesale businesses online. Your customers can start their shopping experience online, complete or finish in store.

  • APTX will deliver a total shipping solution which will give you the ability to tap into a number of partners for the best rate and timing.

  • APTX will deliver a complete Manufacturing module with work order scheduling, workspace management, and a productivity dashboard.

  • APTX will deliver the ability to “build” your containers as you ship multiple purchase orders directly from the factory.

  • APTX will deliver an advanced unit of measurement capability that will take the guesswork out of converting one set of measurements on how you buy to another set of measurements on how you sell.

  • APTX will easily connect to almost any software with our comprehensive API toolkit.  APTX will connect with QBO and soon to be released, Xero.

  • APTX will deliver an intuitive, easy-to-use, easy-to-learn software experience coupled with great support.

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